Nail Ridges

Sunday, July 21, 2013

When was the last time you had a close look at your nails? When you took a closer look at your nails, they look strong and healthy or they had crests, teeth, color or unusual shape, etc? It is important to understand that healthy nail are smooth and without any grooves or slots signals. They are also uniform in color and did not have any staining or discoloration on them.

Often people say nails are often an excellent barometer of overall health. As soon as there are changes in the appearance of nails can be the first sign of undiagnosed medical problem. Nail ridges may be an indicator of iron deficiency induced anemia, thyroid problems, etc. Let us now read about what causes fingernail ridges and how to treat nail streaks.

Ridges nail because

It is rightly said that hair and nails are a barometer of excellent health. If a person has healthy nails is simply indicates that the person has good general health. When you see nail ridges in your nails, make it a point to closely examine your nails. There are two types of ridged nails, which are seen ridges nail that is, horizontal and vertical ridges nail.

Vertical nail ridges

Fingernail vertical ridges are harmless and are often a feature of aging. Effect 'rail and groove' on the nails, which begin at the base of the nail to continue to the tip of the nail are vertical grooves. This condition is not limited only to the bed of the nail, but the nail continues to grow in the same condition. They are as a matter of fact common nail problem and an indicator of the health of the nail.

With age, levels of natural oil and drop of moisture in the nail plate and nail causes wrinkles. Thus, these ridges become prominent with age and often not an indicator of any serious medical condition. It is commonly observed that vertical nail coat may also be a hereditary problem. Sometimes, crests can also be formed if the nail come into contact with chemicals. Nails can also be affected if the nails come in contact with chemicals while doing household chores such as cleaning the house, washing utensils, washing a car, etc.

Horizontal nail ridges

Nail ridges are horizontal ridges that run from a longitudinal rod side to the other side of the nail. These ridges are often a common indicator of an underlying disease or medical condition, although not always. There is a special type of nail ridges called Beau's lines, which are an indicator of underlying disease. The most common symptoms of nail horizontal furrows are deeply grooved ridges that extend horizontally and are slightly darker in appearance. They can be caused due to an injury to the nail bed, malnutrition, metabolic disorders, intake of certain medications, etc.

Treatment of nail ridges

If you have to perform your daily tasks and hands in water for a long period of time, it is recommended that you wear gloves to protect your hands and nails.

When you have horizontal grooves nails, you'll have to wait until the nails grow out before you can cut them into the desired shape. Until the nails are growing, it is advisable to base coat to strengthen the base of the nail. Base layers will prevent nails from chipping or breaking. In the case nail chipping or breaking, do not break them, instead use a nail clipper to cut them in an appropriate way.

Buffing nails with emery nail helps reduce wrinkles, but you will have to ensure, you yellow your nails in one direction only and not go back and forth. Using a moisturizer on your hands and nails before hitting the sack, is very important. If you are comfortable, you can also use hand gloves after applying a moisturizing lotion.

It is not recommended you use a number of nail products and it often causes the nails to become brittle and weak. Along with all these steps, make sure you also take care of your diet. Include fresh fruits, vegetables in your diet as well as foods rich in iron, zinc and vitamin B should be a part of your diet. To improve the health nail be very careful with your diet.

When you see nail grooves, you have to differentiate between horizontal vertical ridges and grooves. It is recommended you have a word with your doctor to find out any underlying problems.